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Solid Wood Keychain Kubatons

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We have had many requests to make Kubatons (also spelled Kubotans) and in response have created what we call "hidden compartment" kubatons. They have been received by our customers very well but some have asked for more! They have inquired about solid wood kubatons and we have responded by developing what we think are the best exotic solid wood kubatons available in the marketplace!

These are solid wood kubatons with a keyring on one end and a round metal tip at the other end. Not only does the round metal tip protect the end of the kubaton, most martial artists who use kubatons know that a round tip concentrates the striking force of the kubaton making a strike to a pressure point much more effective!

The Keychain Kubaton is available in heavy 24kt gold plate and made in the exotic woods shown (use the pulldown menu above to select your wood). The length, not including the keyring, is 5 1/2" long and is 3/4" in diameter.


Wood Descriptions

A. Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) is a Central American hardwood. It is dense and very heavy and its color ranges from a bright orange-yellow to purplish red and deepens upon exposure. This kubaton is the dark grained variety.

B. Spalted Tamarind (tamarindus indica) is a creamy white wood with spectacular background colors of rose, yellow and black spalting, which gives the appearance of an unpredictable landscape. Spalted Tamarind comes from Southeast Asia, Burma and Laos.

C. Indian ebony(diospyros ebenum), has heartwood which is uniform jet black, sometimes with a wavy grain. It is a rare wood and is very dense and heavy and as its name suggests comes from India. When held up to the light, the surface is pitch black but if you look "through" the surface, you can see the dark brown wavy grain which is typical for this wood.

D. Verawood (Bulnesia arborea) is a member of the Zygophyllaceae family and is related to Lignum-Vitae. In fact another popular name for Verawood is Maracaibo lignumvitae. This wood is found in the coastal region of Colombia and Venezuela, common on the dry foothills between Porto Cabello and Lake Maracaibo.

The surface of fresh wood often turns dark green upon exposure to sunlight. This wood weighs an average of 83 pounds per cubit foot (just under the average weight of 88 pounds per cubit foot for lignumvitae). Being extemely fine textured and oily to the touch, this species is similar in appearance to lignumvitae but often exhibits a brighter green color and more attractive figure.

E. Bocote (Cordia elaeagnoides) is a Central American tropical hardwood which has dramatic patterning that varies from mustard yellow to golden brown to dark black. The texture is uniform and is considered fine to medium. The grain is straight and the wood is hard and stable. Bocote is heavy with a density of 50 lb/cu. ft.

F. Bee's Wing Narra


Bee's Wing Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) is golden-yellow wood which contains a spectacular mottled figure more commonly known as bee's wing. It is a hard and heavy wood with a straight grain but can be slightly wavy with some interlocking. It takes an excellent finish and polishes to a high sheen. Bee's Wing Narra principally comes from Southeast Asia.

G. Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) is a Central American hardwood. It is dense and very heavy and its color ranges from a bright orange-yellow to purplish red and deepens upon exposure. This kubaton is the light grained variety.


Type of Finish

The solid wood Kubatons have a silky smooth lacquer finish and are hand buffed to a durable high gloss finish using a wax blend polish. The only exception is the Verawood Kubaton. The naturally waxy surface interferes with the lacquer, so it goes straight to the wax polishing stage using it's own natural wax.

The Keychain Kubaton is a great weapon for men, woman and children alike. It is stylish and to the untrained eye appears to be an innocent key fob. It is attached to a keyring for concealment and the convenience of always being on hand.


Dark Grained Cocobolo, Spalted Tamarind, Argentine Verawood, Bocote, Bee's Wing Narra, Light Grained Cocobolo. . . . . . . . . . $24.95 ea.

Indian Ebony. . . . . . . . . . $29.95 ea.

Use the pulldown menu above to select the wood type for your solid wood Kubaton !!!


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