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This webpage lists some of the latest news regarding the changes we make in products, the availability of woods and other news worthy items. The most recent date is at the top.


July 2010

Good news! Our Facebook Page has been up for 16 months now and we've decided to move our news updates from this page to our Facebook Page. So for further news, please click here: Woodall's Custom Workshop Facebook Page

June 2010
Damien Romero of Los Angelos California sent us an original instruction sheet for the Dolan Ball Bearing U-Swivel Nunchaku. To see it, go to our webpage "History of the U-Swivel" and look at the bottom of the page. Thanks Damien!

May 2010
Due to unusually strong order volume in the past several months, all orders for the next several weeks are experiencing an extended delay. Normal shipping times of 1 to 2 weeks are currently 4 to 6 weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to custom make these orders. Thanks for your understanding! (May 2010) 

March 2009
Redesigned Website
We have researched all the phone calls and emails from customers and have redesigned our website to hopefully answer more of those questions. We have expanded the number of Nunchaku Body Styles from five to eleven. After much work, we are also finally introducing the Reproduction U-Swivel hardware to our Nunchaku Series.

We have included pages discussing the different types of woods available for your weapons, wood charts to help you determine the best woods for you based on hardness and weight.

We have also expanded our website to include information on Kubotans, Escrima Sticks, Three Section Staffs, Tamashiwari (board breaking) and Tameshigiri.

We also have a webpage devoted to the history of the Dolan Sports U-Swivel (and if you have any more information or corrections, please let us know).

We have two webpages devoted to customized services that we provide - Inlay Service and Kanji Service. Visit those pages to see what those are!!

November 2008
Jim MacDonald of New Hampshire ordered completely assembled pairs of Nunchaku from Dolan’s Sports in the late 1970’s and thirty years later was able to produce the original assembly instructions which have been scanned and can be seen on our "History of the U-Swivel" webpage. Thanks Jim!

November 2008
Reproduction U-Swivel
We have received the prototype Reproduction U-Swivels from the tool and die shop and will be testing them with four customers who have extensive experience with the original U-Swivel Nunchaku.

If all goes well, we should go into production in early 2009.

Cocobolo is again available in lengths to 28 inches. Escrima Sticks and Three Section Staffs are now available.

October 2008


Cocobolo is available again in longer lengths so 28” long escrima stands can now be made again. This applies for sectional staffs also.

July 2008

African Blackwood
African Blackwood is available again in lengths up to 15 inches.

June 2008

Snakewood is almost impossible to get anymore. As a result we will leave photos of Snakewood Nunchaku visible on the webpage but remove the ability to buy Snakewood Nunchaku from the online store. If this situation changes, we will add it back to the online store.
African Blackwood

Lengths for Nunchaku are available in lengths up to 12 inches only.

February 2008


We are having difficulty getting certain sizes of Mexican Cocobolo. For example, Mexican Cocobolo in lengths longer that 24" can't be found. As a result, 28" long Mexican Cocobolo Escrima Sticks are being temporarily discontinued. Three Section Staffs in Mexican Cocobolo which are 26" or 28" long are another item. 

June 2007


As of mid 2007, Argentine Verawood is getting difficult to find in lengths greater than 12 inches. Although we have been able to get longer lengths in the past, this is not possible any longer. As a result we are limiting the lengths of Nunchaku in our online store to lengths of 12 inches and less. We are sorry for the inconvenience and if longer lengths become available in the future, we will modify our webstore to show this. Thank you for your understanding!

Tameshigiri Stands

Customers have requested that we make the peg knobs beefier and upgrade the 6” lag bolt (at the bottom holding the stand together) larger. We have listened and have upgraded the peg knob from ¼-20 to 5/16-18 thread size. We also upgraded the 6”lag bolt to a 3/8 inch lag bolt. To assemble the Tameshigiri stands now require a customer provided 9/16” wrench (instead of the previous ½” wrench).  

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