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    Dynamic Chux

The link below takes you to Paladin Press where you can buy his 2 hour DVD. This DVD shows you many techniques to help you master the art of the Nunchaku. Woodall's Custom Workshop has this DVD and we highly recommend it!

He has been spinning the chux for 26 years and having a great time while doing it.  He created this DVD/Video for the Non-Traditional and Freesyle Nunchaku thrill seekers. If you are looking for more out of your Nunchaku experience then look no further than Mitch Thomas Nunchaku DVD

Teaching Tang Soo Do, Ryukyu Kempo and Arnis.

Location is Titusville, FL



Most comprehensive site for all areas of martial arts related subjects

including styles, history, people, movies, books, etc.

They provide training in Budo Taijutsu and Ninjutsu.  This Dojo is based in Austin, Texas and the Head Instructor is Kendall Kelsoe.Check them out!





Yin Style Bagua Martial Art Conditioning is a sophisticated system to enhance core muscles, reflexes, concentration and agility. It is an intense full-body and mind work out encompassing drills, forms, and circle walking (a form of Taoist Meditation). Simply put, it is an Encyclopedia of body mechanics. 




Contact Lenses 1-800-GET-LENS holds a gallery of latest branded contact lenses with the ability of shopping online for the prescription lenses too.

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