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This section covers optional Kanji Service. This section originally just provided Kanji work but as you will see below names, titles with names and even owner initials can also be added as well.


Optional Kanji Service

This is the ultimate in personalizing the martial arts weapon that is being made for you. Many of our customers who use this service are making presentation gifts for visiting judges. Others are putting either their own personal Kanji or the Kanji of their dojo onto the weapon. Others simply put their name or initials on their weapon.

Irrespective of what text or symbols customers put on their weapon, for simplicity sake, we will always refer to this as our "Optional Kanji Service"

Look at the photo below to see how we prepare your weapon for your Kanji.


The first step in setting Kanji is to deciding where to place it. For Bo staffs I recommend the center of the staff. For Nunchaku I recommend the bottom of one of the sticks. For Escrima sticks I recommend the end of the stick which is held in the hand.

A piece of American Holly is inset into the weapon and the surface is prepared for the Kanji.

American Holly is a stunningly white, very expensive wood used for wood inlay. We use American Holly because the writing of the Kanji needs to be on an extremely smooth, oil free, wax free, fine grained wood which is also light colored (so the writing can stand out). Many of the woods used to make weapons are oily, like Cocobolo and African Blackwood, are waxy, like Verawood, or are too coarse to be written on, like Padauk, Brazilian Cherry, Purpleheart, Walnut, Movingui, Bocote and Ash.

The next step is to apply the Kanji, name, or initials and then finish the weapon as normal. We receive the Kanji from the customer normally as a jpeg via email.

Below are some of the fonts that we use when we apply your English name to your weapon. You can tell us which one to use or if the font is not there, the name of the font if you have a particular one in mind.


The photo below is a pair of stunning Quilted Sapele Nunchaku which are 14 inches long and are Octagon Tapered. This customer asked for the"Two Rope"option and the "Two Kanji" option and substitued an English name for one of the Kanji.


The photo below is an 18 inch long Cocobolo Nunchaku with an inset Kanji and Kozuka.
A Kozuka is the handle of a small blade that fits into the Saya of a Wakazashi. This was customer provided and was inset into the Nunchaku along with the Kanji. No damage was done to the Kozuka and it can be recovered simply with the destruction of the Nunchaku.


The photo below is a two inch diameter six foot long Cocobolo Bo staff. This weapon was made when Cocobolo was available in larger sizes and unfortunately can no longer be made.
The Kanji was placed in the center of the Bo staff and as you can see the American Holly crosses three sides of the octagon shape. This gives a better three dimensional appearance to the Holly.

To get all the details of the Kanji correct, the customer emails us the Kanji as a jpeg file. This helped to ensure that we correctly reconstructed the Kanji onto the weapon. 


This next section shows weapons which have names, titles and initials set into them.

The photo below shows an African Blackwood Nunchaku which you might have seen at the end of the Inlay section. This pair of Nunchaku has the name of a Sifu transferred onto the Holly.
This pair of Nunchaku was challenging because the Holly was added after the Volcano and Brass Dots inlay was added and as you can see, space is getting tight.


The photo below is a 14 inch long Cocobolo Nunchaku which is Round Non-Tapered (RNTBB) and has our special "Four Rope" connector option. You can see the American Holly inset with the initials of the owner written in an oriental motif.


The Nunchaku below is a special gift given to an Army Captain. His code name is Cobra 5 and this Nunchaku was given to him as a gift. This Nunchaku is another example of a customer substituting English words for Kanji in the "one Kanji" or "two Kanji" options.

The Nunchaku is an Octagon Non-Tapered (OCTNT) African Padauk Nunchaku with a 7 link ball bearing cap.


Below is a photo of a birthday gift which was commissioned by a student at Karate Quest and was given to our Sensei. You can see his name was written on the American Holly wood which was inset into the center of the Cocobolo Bo staff. 


The Nunchaku below is another example of a customer substituting an English name in the "Two Kanji" option.
This pair of Nunchaku is Cocobolo made in the Octagon Non-Tapered (OCTNT) shape. They are 12 inches long and also have the "Four Rope" option which is a good option for heavy Nunchaku. You can also see in the photo the addition of a brass grommet at the top to protect the rope as it exits the Nunchaku.

This pair of Nunchaku is finished with gloss lacquer.


The pair of Nunchaku below shows the "One Kanji" option. The customer chose to put his freestyleforum.net online user name on his Nunchaku. This pair of Nunchaku is made from Curly Maple which has a special grain pattern which has a tiger's eye effect. Heru418 gave a review of his Nunchaku which can be found on YouTube.

His Nunchaku is as follows:

Curly Maple Nunchaku in the Round Tapered (RTBB) shape.
The Nunchaku is 1 inch in diameter at the top and 1 1/8 inches at the bottom.He chose the
One Kanji Option with his online forum username written on it.
This pair of Nunchaku is finished with gloss lacquer.


This last section shows matrial arts weapons which were provided to organizations as prizes for their competitions.

The following Nunchaku are first place prizes made by Woodall's Custom Workshop for competitions held by various organizations.

Freestyle Nunchaku Forum 2008 "Chuck Off" Winner

This summer long competition held by freestylenunchaku.net was won by SixtyFourWarrior and he chose as his prize, free of charge, the following:

Black Walnut Round Non-Tapered (RNTBB) 13 inches long
Two rope connector style with Black Paracord
Two Kanji Option with his online forum name "SixtyFourWarrior" and the winning title
Nunchaku has a gloss lacquer finish
This piece of Black Walnut was selected because it has a special figuring called "Tiger Striping".
To protect the rope as it exits the top of the Nunchaku, you can see in the photo that we install a brass grommet.

This is his Nunchaku:


Freestyle Nunchaku Forum 2008 "World Cup" Winner

This is the winter long competition held by freestylenunchaku.net and was won by Yettibutt. As his prize, free of charge, he chose the following:

Cocobolo Octagon Tapered (OCTAP) 12 inch long
Seven chain link ball bearing cap
Two Kanji option with his online forum name "Yettibutt" and his winning title "Champion of Champions 2008"
This is also finished with gloss lacquer.

This is his Nunchaku:


Freestyle Nunchaku Forum 2009 "Chuck Off" Winner

This year the winner of the summer long competition was Vincentcui. As his free prize he chose the following:

Game of Death Nunchaku 11 inches long
"Airport Loop" option for the connector style
Two Kanji Option with his Kanji on one stick and his English name on the other
He also requested that his Nunchaku weigh between 8.0 and 8.5 ounces. Once completed they weigh in right at 8.5 ounces.

Below is a photo of his Nunchaku:


As of 2011, we have perfected the transfer of Kanji onto hard maple and below are some examples of applying Kanji onto our hard maple Game of Death Nunchaku:


We have many more personalized weapons we can show you but I think you get the idea.

You can really personalize any martial arts weapon we make and give it as a gift for any of the following special occasions: 

Birthday Gift
Black Belt Testing Gift
Gift for a Sensei who is promoting
Gift for a visiting martials arts official
Thank you gift for a judging official

Adding Kanji, a name or a title to your martial arts weapon is simple. Click on the "Online Store" link at the top of this page and you will be taken to our store. There you can select your type of weapon and simply fill out all the pull-down menus for that weapon.

One of the pull-down menus is labeled "Kanji". Simple select this and then include some comments in the "Notes" section of the Checkout Cart. If you want to send us a jpeg of the Kanji, symbol or name, simply email us at sales@CustomWorkshop.biz and mention that you just ordered so we can correlate your email with your shop order. That's it!

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